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Have you got several employees on your payroll?

Our trained bookkeepers can handle all of your payroll requirements such as the PAYE system as well as payslips, SSP, SMP and monthly summaries, all available for a competitive price. We manage weekly and monthly payroll and are experienced and trained to take on your auto enrolment payroll.

Available all year round

Keeping track of your payroll can be difficult, which is why we can do all of your paperwork so that you don't have any costly errors. If you need an accountant to do P35s, P60s or anything else, call us today.

Trying to get all of your payslips ready?

Call us on

01772 369 301

for payroll solutions

Our payroll service includes:

  • PAYE administration

  • Employee payslips

  • SSP

  • SMP

  • Monthly summaries

Getting Your Payroll

In Order - Payroll services in Preston, Manchester and more